About Qnet.org

Taking advantage of people’s trust, selling dreams and cheating people is what QNet is all about and time has come when the unheard voices should stand together and fight a battle against one of the biggest MLM scam QNet.Many of us were associated with QNet since 2007, The marketing strategy of QNet is very simple and straightforward, Train people how to ‘use’ trust of near and dear ones to fool them.

Is it about selling their products?

Of course, Not, Only and Only adding more and more members, any feasible business model would rather sell the products to non-members, but the infinite members-based model ultimately results in loss of money.

Do these products make sense?

Of course, Not, the Pseudoscientific product is the correct terminology to define these products. Like Bio disk, they claim to keep this in water and drinking that could cure even diseases like cancer, which is totally illegal to say just for the sake of selling any product.

Is QNet a Ponzi Scheme?

Hell yes, Quoting the order of Mumbai High Court “QNet is a chain where a person is fooled and then he is trained to fool others to earn money”. It becomes very clear when you attend the workshop organized by them, instead of training people about how to sell their products it’s all about how to add more and more people in the gang. So basically, it’s all about ‘Be the victim and look for victims’.

Who are we?

Our existence is the result of unheard voices and sheer anger on one of the biggest MLM fraud Qnet. We are a group of QNet victims who have come together to raise this issue and spread awareness about this Ponzi scheme. Supported by many lawyers, social workers, and influencers, this is a movement against QNet with sole agenda of saving others to fall in the trap, naming and shaming all those who directly or indirectly promote this organization and ultimately teach them a lesson.

Are you a Qnet victim?

Are You a QNet victim yourself? You are not alone, Join this movement and share your stories which here which has been ignored. Remember ‘United we stand, Divided we fall’. Using the money power they might buy celebs and media houses, but not the voices of the common man. If any independent representatives (IR) or members have duped you, Here is the platform to expose them and save others.