Qnet Founder Vijay Eswaran Arrested ….

in 2007, nearly 11 years ago. Yes, you heard it right. The Father of Qnet Scam was arrested in Malaysia after Indonesian's ex-president tipped off the cops. The article was published at   , but was later 'managed' by Qnet and Vijay Eswaran due to his money power. You can however view the news a Read more

Why QNet is a scam?

Dear Readers, Today, we are not going to waste our finger’s energy and let our beer go to waste. A lot of people, who are in QNet Scam, are currently twitting with their fake accounts saying that they believe QNet is not a scam. We do say that its a scam based on data we have. But wait Read more

Is Qnet Scam and Illegal?

Reproduction of a famous article originally published on OCTOBER 18, 2010 (and now mysteriously removed) at http://www.iricvalley.com/2010/10/is-qnet-scam-illegal-desperate.html . All credit goes to the original author.  We're just compiling data - This is a continuation of a series of articles Read more
QNET Thrive

QNet Scam: The Questions Needed to be Answered!

A lot has been asked about the scam of QNet and the people affected by it. It is said that the scam has crossed Rs. 1000 Cr mark, and nearly 5 lakhs people have been in the middle of this scam cyclone. The Bombay High Court has called it “Method of getting fooled and later fool the others to benef Read more
Qnet Scam

Hyderabad: Many lose lakhs to Qnet scam

Hyderabad: When 27-year-old N. Dayakar from Shamirpet was searching for a job, a friend told him about an international company that could change his life. Like many others, Dayakar believed that becoming an agent in Hyderabad for Qnet, a Singapore-based direct selling company, would bring him the Read more