It’s fraudstars Net not Qnet
May 14, 2018

I’m a private employee from Hyderabad. One weekend I got a message from my frnd who is into Qnet. Initially we were talking about our lives. Then, she told that she is into a business and she will take of care of it during the weekends. Out of curiosity I asked her about the business and she has asked me to give a call . I gave her a call and she told me fucking lies about the money. All she was telling on the call was we can get hell out of money. Continued with call she told to me it only takes 2.7 lakhs to invest and you too invest in it and I will take care of everything. Hum sath mein world tour bhi jaa sakete business trip mein. Based on the truest I have on her, I took a loan and I have invested the money. After joining the business I got to know that even I have to do the same thing what my friend did with me. Fucking business it is. Lost my hard earned money.