Is Qnet Scam and Illegal?

Reproduction of a famous article originally published on OCTOBER 18, 2010 (and now mysteriously removed) at . All credit goes to the original author.  We’re just compiling data –

This is a continuation of a series of articles I wrote about network marketing, pyramid schemes, Qnet and e-commerce.

In the past few weeks, I have received feedback of how much Qnet is great and all I am saying in the previous articles is nonsense. So I decided to select some my favorite popular justifications given to me as how Qnet is great and use them to proof that they are all false! I am only trying to inform the minds who want to get into the business or are already in it. I use facts, logic and math; if you want to look the other side, and then by all means do. I only want to put the facts in front of your eyes; you decide which road you want to take.

Desperate Justifications by Qnet:

  1. How come Bill Gates support Qnet?
  2. Why would big companies like HSBC and Microsoft risk their names for Qnet?
  3. Qnet makes donations.
  4. President Clinton supports Qnet.
  5. Qnet is listed in the direct selling association of Malaysia and Singapore.
  6. A pyramid scheme does not sell products, and therefore Qnet is legal since it sells products.
  7. Qnet is using Network marketing to save the cost of distribution and marketing because it’s costly.
  8. Qnet is an e-commerce business and that’s why the products are not available in the real market.
  9. It’s an endless process, since every member has to buy a product each month.
  10. Qnet representative refuses to give you the paper where he/she used to do the Qnet presentation because it’s the Qnet’s “property”.


Desperate Justifications by Qnet proved False:

1      How come Bill Gates support Qnet?

It has not been proved that Bill Gates supports Qnet. If you do, then please comment at the end of this article of the proof.

The only thing that links Bill Gates to Qnet is Microsoft is the fact that Microsoft powers Qnet server. As stated in Qnet’s website “Microsoft spotlights QNet as one of the early adopters of Internet technology as QNet deploys Microsoft®Server 2003” [1].

I don’t see how Microsoft is supporting Qnet by providing their service to them; it is just deploying a server. This DOES NOT mean it supports it.

I will give you an example. Many companies use Oracle as their database server. Does that mean it supports the business? If a businessman, let’s say opening a supermarket used the Oracle database to organize the supermarket’s data, does that mean Oracle is supporting the supermarket? Every office has Microsoft Office installed in its employees’ computers. Does that mean Microsoft is supporting every person and business that uses Microsoft Office? Microsoft is just selling its product to Qnet like any other customer; it does not have to make an investigation on its customers. It’s just like the supermarket sells you candy without requiring to know what you do for living!

2      Why would big companies like HSBC and Microsoft risk their names for Qnet?

Okay, so the Microsoft part has been covered in point no.1. Now we have to move on to HSBC.

Again, it’s just providing a service. It provides transactions services and Internet Authentication Technology 3-D Secure Technology to protect online transactions [2]. Providing a service does not mean it supports the business as we already established in point no.1.

I don’t want to bore you with the rest of the big names they use, bottom line is: A company does NOT risk its name for providing a service; it risks its name when the service fails or collapses!

Please note that this information was only found on Qnet’s website. They can write down whatever they wish!

3      Qnet makes donations.

Everybody can make donations. It doesn’t prove anything!

4      President Clinton supports Qnet.

I believe President Clinton [4] is referring to the LEGAL Multi Level Marketing. Please refer again to the article “DO U STILL WANT TO JOIN NETWORK MARKETING? INFORM YOURSELF USING FACTS, LOGIC & MATH!!!” for more information about it.

President Clinton is also referring to the Direct Selling Association in AMERICA in the U.S.A. Qnet is NOT listed in the U.S. Direct Selling Association. Please look up Qnet yourself in the U.S. Direct Selling Association website [5] (link is given in the reference).

5      Qnet is listed in the Direct Selling Association of Malaysia and Singapore.

Okay, I believe you, but why isn’t Qnet listed in the Direct Selling Association in HONG KONG? Isn’t that where the Headquarters is resided? Please check the list of the members provided in the reference [6]. Shouldn’t Hong Kong support Qnet, if Qnet is legal?

Also remember, there was NO activity of Qnet in Hong Kong as explained earlier.

6      A pyramid scheme does not sell products, and therefore Qnet is legal since it sells products.

NOT true, pyramid schemes can exist with products covering up the act. In this case, it is called product-based pyramid scheme. A LEGAL Multi Level Marketing has to satisfy the four main criteria provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) [7]. Qnet only satisfies 1 out of the 4.

Let me list them for you one more time:

Legal Multi Level Marketing Criteria Qnet’s Position
Yes No
1.     Sell a real product
2.     to members of the general public
3.     Without requiring them to pay anything extra to join the MLM system.
4.     Commissions may be paid to distributors; however, it is paid for real retail sales NOT for new recruits.

Aside from the FTC criteria, I would like to present to you “The 5 RED FLAGS: Five Causative and Defining Factors of Recruiting MLMs, or Product-based Pyramid Schemes” [8] given by Dr. Jon Taylor the founder of Consumer Awareness Institute and the writer/author of the book “The Network Marketing Game”.

Dr. Jon Taylor said that these features in the 5 Red Flags identify compensation plans of MLMs thatresult in huge losses by its participants; 99.9% of the participants LOSE their money.  According to his research, “the odds of profiting from gaming tables in Las Vegas are far better”[9].

Let’s see where Qnet stands on the 5 Red Flags [8].

“The 5 RED FLAGS: Five Causative and Defining Factors of Recruiting MLMs, or Product-based Pyramid Schemes” Qnet’s Position
Yes No
Red Flag #1: “Endless chain of recruitment”: Participants are recruited into an endless chain of recruitment.
Red Flag #2: “Advancement by Recruitment”: Advancement in the hierarchy of participants is not achieved by appointment, but by recruiting more and more participants into a down line, or pyramid of participants.
Red Flag #3: “Pay to play” purchases”: In order to “play the game,” or qualify for commissions and advancement in the program, participants must buy a minimum amount of products or services, either at the outset or in ongoing purchases (usually by monthly subscription).
Red Flag #4: “The upline gets most of the rewards”: The company pays more in commissions and bonuses to upline participants than to the person making the sale.
Red Flag #5: “Five or more levels in the pay plan”: The compensation plan allows for five or more levels, which is more than are needed to manage the sales function.

Ooopsss, Qnet scored 20% in this test. It failed! Dr. Jon Taylor describes this method as a “Giant con game”[9].

So, is Qnet a pyramid scheme? YES IT IS!!!!

7      Qnet is using Network marketing to save the cost of distribution and marketing because it’s costly.

Does that mean that Qnet as a company DOES NOT have the money to market its products and deliver them to the market?

As Qnet claims, it has watches and jewelry brands that have been into existence since 1871 [10]. They imply that these products have history, value and deserve to be expensive. Therefore, WHY ON EARTH THEY DON’T PROVIDE THE PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET? They have enough money to distribute it to the shops!!!

As a business, they will GAIN more money if they made the products available in the market. They will sell more and thus they will make more profit! Isn’t that what a business wants? To make profit!

8      Qnet is an e-commerce business and that’s why the products are not available in the real market.

Please refer to the article Why DEVELOPED (1st World) countries are NOT involved with QNET? Let’s find out… for the answer of this point.

9      It’s an endless process, since every member has to buy a product each month.

For this point, I used Qnet’s presentation [12], and YES, I got hold of it. The thing that the process is endless and the pyramid does not reach an end due to the fact that participants need to make a minimum purchase of $50 each month is one of the Red Flags provided by Dr. Jon Taylor. It’s Red Flag #3[11].

Since it is not right to use this process, then the process does not qualify for a justification in the matter of debate.

Please see the below images for Qnet’s condition that in order to get a commission each month, you have to make a minimum purchase each month. They used an example of $50.  Also note that in order to earn $1060.50 dollars each month you have to recruit 5+25+125+625 = 780 people below you in the pyramid!!! Do you think that is ethical?


10    Qnet representative refuses to give you the paper where he/she used to do the Qnet presentation because it’s the Qnet’s “property”.

Aside from the fact that I found the presentation online, when you go to presentation of Qnet, try to ask the representative to hold on to the paper he/she used to explain to you the process. Qnet’s representative will refuse to give you a piece of paper containing some information about the company and process. He/she will say to you it’s “Qnet’s Property”. It’s in his/her handwriting; so, doesn’t that sound fishy to you?

If someone is confident about his/her business, he/she wouldn’t mind giving you the paper so you can slowly digest the whole process when you get back home.


I will not say if Qnet is a spam or not; I will leave the answer to this up to your interpretation. I believe after reading the three articles I wrote, you can pretty much have an idea of what you are dealing with. You are hearing the two sides of the story; the decision is still up to you.



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1- Rami said…

Thank you.. amazing Article, I was about to fall into one of those, ya3ne I was hesitated, but thanks to you now I wont.

Actually this form of marketing was in Egypt some 15 years ago, I was young back then, but I recall that a family member came home once with a document like the bank Shahadet estesmar, and said that he paid money for it n he shud recruit other people so they buy the same certificate and they become below him in the pyramid, I rem that they all refused, and in the end it was a scam and he lost his money. So it came back again nowadays in a different form, back then it was also popular among people who can afford it and was distributed in Agami and Montaza where the rich people used to go 🙂

Sherwette Mansour said…

Ramy, I am glad you liked it. That’s exactly the point I wrote this one. It’s very easy to get confused when we have such great and convincing justifications.

Tayo said…

You are awesome, your article is based on concrete evidence, i just want anyone who wants to disagree with you to present his article base on fact, logic and math not just claim and crying.Thus, we will decide which way we should follow

ThinkingMachine said…

I was approached this night by an IR of QNET,, and the big question mark is: why was almost the whole talk on the marketing strategy and not the product??? The products are some unknown brands with certifications from so and so, I asked him any references but he hadn’t, and now I browsed the website and found products that I’ve never heard of before, I certainly wouldn’t spend my money to buy this, or I would be paying just to enroll in the business, actually this was the purpose I met the guy for, he told me it was for business.
Plus, who are QNET? I am not accusing them of being illegal dealers but I can’t just be their partner even if I am 100% winner without knowing that enough about them, and especially that the IR was trying to convince me to join as soon as possible and better be immediately.

Anonymous said…

thanks for the article, i completely agree with you since this kind of marketing is based on making people beleive that if they join qnet they will make alot of money, and i am sure that they will do if the continue doing what they do in their lectures and conferences and since i have attend one of their lecture hopping to lean more about qnet i found that the presenter wasting the time on how much money you’ll make if you join us rather than marketing the products of qnet, this way if marketing id absolutely tricks people to convince join and if you do a little statistics i am sure that 90% of the sold products actually not because they are good or the people who bought it need them, its just because they have been told about how much money they will make if they join then the answer is yes its s scam but it doesn’t hurt anyone

Anonymous said…

lol… i feel the qnet ppl r just trying to defend their company worthless of any use…… also i strongly feel they are making a desperate effort of trying to put in more comments so that the reader reading the blog thinks that the article is a total crap and qnet is THE thing to be…. but lemme tel u guys there have been bigger companies as such in the past like ebizz which had the same stratergies about 4 years a ago today that company dont even exists…. it had exactly the same business ideas and exactly the same facts and math….. to put it all in one word the success stories and evdience is very subjective to individual but trust me guys have seen this very close proximity i can tel u out of every 1000 ppl who get into it hardly 50 to 100 ppl can get the successfull… for the rest of u plz don fall for this trash…. think twice before u make a decision……. and a sincere request make ur background check well before u join any such spam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hilarious Hyena said…

Hey I totally agree with this article and the writer. I’ve been approached by QNet myself and the whole idea was very very fishy. And lets face it non of the pro-QNET comments here managed to actually prove the writer wrong, instead all comments I’ve read are full of denial, personal attacks on the writer or the same broken record being played all over again.

This article has proven wrong a lot of your CORE arguments of why anyone should join QNET with decisive proof from actually trusted sources. Non has made the effort to actually debunk these points, why should we believe you have any credibility when 90% of your arguments have been proven wrong?

Of course an awareness article like this is bad for business so its no wonder why you’re defending QNET so aggressively, or perhaps you don’t want to admit that you’ve fallen into the scam?
I for one will spread this article so my friends and family can become more aware of scams like this.

Anonymous said…

I will talk about the logic I found after reading the comments:
All the ppl defending the QNet are doing so because they got benefits and more money from QNET.
On the other side the ppl defending the writer are talking about the logic they found in the article and there are a big portion of ppl joining QNet who failed because the rate of success is small (around 4%)

Where are the hell 96% of ppl who failed, why they are not writing here about their bad experience ……. !

AMAliReza said…

I just read this article. It is very clear and informative, and none of the commenter’s who were defending QNET was able to refute any of its content.

Let me tell you about my experience with QNET. I became a member of the company seven years ago (in 2004) in my country IRAN. Two months after I joined the company, the government of Iran banned the activity of Qnet. The website was filtered and all Qnet products were seized by the government. Not only did I lose all my money but I never received my product either! Back then I didn’t understand why it was banned, but now I do. I wish I had access to such an article back then.

Thank you for letting people know the truth.
God Bless you,

Ali Reza

Adam S said…

I think the Qnet slogan should be changed from RYTHM to RYTDM…”Raise Yourself To DEPRIVE Mankind”.

Now that’s a slogan that represents the company, becasue at the end of the day Qnet isn’t helping raise mankind whatsoever! It’s tricking a bunch of gullible individuals by giving them a promise of making big money fast.

Too bad that it’s mathematically impossible for 75% of members to even make a penny.

Maverick said…

Love the anonymous posts that do answer the question .. especially the “get on board” before you the miss the bus.

From what I have seen the author of this post has informed you factually of the misrepresentations the company is making … provide proof he is wrong or be quiet. I could not care less who he is. He speaks the truth and not with “forked tongue” or a “snake oil” salesman …. !!!

Roger said…

The article posted here sure would help people who are confused whether to get into this type of business. ** interesting fact the ppl who have replied on behalf of this business have not even mentioned their names. If you are speaking the truth why not mention atleast your name

Anonymous said…

honestly,we dont know who is right and who is wrong…

yesterday one guy approached me and he present the Qnet product…i was totally convinced , and i have already 20 ppl ready to get in this business,they already paid me the money…but till now i dont know wither to go ahead or to wait…im really confused !!!!!

Altaf Rabbani said…

All the Qnet fools, why do you bark unneccesarily? Rather than barking, counter attack the points rather than the author. She is not going to get a single money for making people aware I have myself seen 7 of my friends in Iran who got fooled by this S#!T and were not even able to make a single penny. One of them literraly broke relation with me for i didn’t agree to sign-off this Con. six months later he was conned and now I am happy that I broke up with such a loser. Rest of my freinds are heart broken too. Seriously speaking I haven’t heard of any near and dear ones who disn’t lost their money in this crap.

And hey atleast have courage to let people know your name. Are you afraid that cops may catch you or are feeling ashamed to face the truth with your identity.

And Mr. Hatem, I am sure only you will be the millionaire, I can bet on that . Great for being in the top 4% bracket of successfull Con-man 🙂 I have done MBA in marketing but sure, I have to learn a lot from you. Now its time to bark , get started 😉


Anonymous said…

I found a member list of Direct Selling Association of Malaysia on their website.
Qnet is NOT in the list as of April 2010. If Qnet is already 13 years old, why is it not in the list?

Suresh said…

Why does Qnet keep on changing names? It use to be called “Gold Quest International Ltd” at the beginning. then it changed its name to “Questnet” and now “Qnet”!!!! What next? A blank!

I guess this is so that people that were previously scammed out of their money won’t recognize that this is the same company… And that they would think that it’s something completely different!!! Or maybe Qnet wanted to save money by printing fewer words on its brochures lol.

Whatever the reason…I don’t even care what its name is. It is not moral to join this network because even if you make money, your down-lines will lose theirs. So the more money you make from this business the more down-lines you will have who have lost their money. SO you are making money by taking other peoples money away from them. Doesn’t a thief do the exact same thing?

Seth said…

The fact that QNET is supported by a number of solid International organizations does not imply that the business is completely flawless. This is an argument that QNET people frequently use in order to justify their immoral activities. They keep stating that virgin racing, FIFA or … support QNET, or they say that the Pope, Donald Trumpt, or some spoiled rich guy endorsed QNET.

First of all, I don’t think that those orgs/individuals actually supported the QNET business; they only gave permission to QNET to manufacture some products under their name. For example, the FIFA coin-set and the Pope coin-set. And this consent was in fact given to the company that manufactures QNET merchandise (e.g. Mayer mint in Germany) and not to QNET itself.

But let’s assume that what they say is completely true and a number of solid international organizations actually support QNET products and its business. Would this mean that this business is completely moral, fair, and flawless? HELL NO!!! What do solid international organizations care about anyway? As long as they make revenue they are happy and they don’t give a crap even if millions of people lose their money. In addition, most of these organizations are incorporated; therefore, they don’t need to be worried if anything goes wrong because corporations cannot get sued in international business.

Let’s be frank. We are not living in a fair world. Is it not so that Saddam Hussein and Hitler were also supported by Solid international organizations at some point of time? Is it not so that those who invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and killed thousands of innocent civilians also have strong ties with solid international organizations? GOD has not established this company and humans make mistakes regardless of how famous they are.

Please use at logic, math, rationality and common sense in order to make a judgment about QNET (or similar companies). As long as logic, math and common sense tells me that this business is corrupt, I wouldn’t care any less if even FIFA, NASA, Microsoft, IBM, NIKE, Virgin Racing,… ,Queen Elizabeth, the pope, and Barack Obama all publicly endorse it.

Anonymous said…

Ok.. so please use logic, math, rationality and common sense to tell how QNET is unfair and unethical?

Do you know 90% of the small businesses that get opened close without profits? Well then all these businesses are unethical because they didnt make money ***AND**** They employed people and promised them income but did not (or could not) fulfill promises.

It is true that 50% people dont even get a penny out of it… only a few %ers recover their money.. fewer make more than that and much fewer earn in millions

That applies everywhere.. isn’t it.

If you come in with the thought that you will get rich quickly, you are doomed to failure…. u dont get paycheks on the 1st of every month in any business… I quit.. I lose!!! it is simple..

I quit, I lose, I crib, I bad mouth

I dont quit, I still lose, I dont crib, I dont bad mouth, I hang on, I lose again, I still dont crib, I still dont bad mouth, I still hang on, I start with a small win, I still hang on.. things get better then


Or take the business seriously, make sure you create a culture where every downline helps his/her downline, grooms him/her… make sure before getting a signup you tell the figures accurately..

dont make false promises!!!

I am sure someone did this to all the people who have posted bad things… This is understandable… there are people who are greedy and to make quick money they do misrepresnt that facts.. dont be like them

Seth said…

It’s easy mr anonymous, just read the below article by the author. It explains everything.

Your comparison is completely flawed. You are comparing a pyramid scheme with a small business that does not have any pyramid structure at all. These are two completely different things. In small businesses people fail due to lack of effort, non commitment and fierce competition. But in pyramid schemes the majority of members will eventually fail due to market SATURATION and because it is mathematically IMPOSSIBLE for them to recruit more members. Let alone that if a small business fails only the owner of the business suffers a loss but in MLM pyramid schemes if the person fails his/her country will also suffer a loss as currency goes to a foreign company. Again read the above article to learn more.

And you say that Qnet in NOT a quick rich scheme!!!(lol) Well you must be living on another planet. Watch the below video and see how the Qnet presenter gives people the plea of making over $85,000 in only 10 months just by purchasing a product that has an average price of $800!!

I’ve studied business management and economics in the very best universities. And I could tell you that I have not encountered a single small business that pays you $85k in 10 months by investing only $800 (even if you work your ass off it won’t pay even close to that amount…). If you know any business that does (and of course is not a get rich quick pyramid scheme!) just name it…

That is a Return on Investment (ROI) of 105% in only 10 months!!! No small business gives you an ROI of 105% in 10 months. The average ROI for small businesses in North America (not third world countries) is between 20% to 30% maximum annually.

Yehia magdy said…

really good article but i still have a question i asked them what happens when the company reaches saturation will it keep paying for people ?! ?! ?! he answered laughing it will never be like that everyday there is new children people and lots and lots of new individuals and in the end of presentation he told me that the only risk you got is time ? why time should be risk when it will never reach saturation as it is a cycle

Andy said…

Well Yehia magdy, all I could say is that you’ve been lied to. Saturation will occur no matter how fast population grows. This is just another stupid lie that Qnet members use when they’re out of answers.

Population growth does’nt prevent market saturation no matter how fast population grows. Plus just becasue population is growing does’nt mean everyone will sign up with Qnet. Just do the math and play with the numbers and you will find out how rediculous this claim is.

They just want you to be their under-line. this way they will have more security becasue they have already invested in the company. Time is a risk for them and not for you. Dont get decieved.

Anonymous said…

The networking business does not grow drastically to cover the Earth population in a year. This is a Myth. Every day people are turning 18 which is the legal age of the business. Every day there are new ppl being born. Every day there are new ppl.

What matters is how the company has diversifying and Qnet has diversified immensely and it is still diversifying. Moreover, there are no FMCG products. There is no monthly purchase you require. Only one time purchase is needed.

Markets will never saturate as this business does not grow ridiculously. It needs to be built. Over a period of time and gradually.

Everyone does not succeed. Same as any other business. This too requires potential.

We (Qnet) are 13 year old in this business. If market was to saturate going by the mathematics, we would have already surpassed Earth’s population.

There are some companies more than older than 50 years. They are still doing business and markets have not saturated. Why??? I dont have their products.. none of my family or friends has their products… so we are still potential customers for them.. even after 50 years.. isn’t it? But I am not a part of them, which means their market has not saturated yet..!!!

Seth said…

Dear last anonymous,
Saturation doesn’t mean that all population of the earth have to become Qnet members!!!…
1. There are many people who can’t even afford to pay average $800 to become a Qnet member.
2. Many others could afford it but don’t, because they are not interested in investing their money in this kind of non-sustainable business.

Your comment shows that you are misunderstood. This schema is never-ending, and this means that it is non-sustainable. Majority of members will eventually be left with empty pockets. The example that you gave of the pyramid scheme that has been around for 50 years is not an exception either. This is a NEVER ENDING scheme, so if it doesn’t reach saturation it means that it has completey or partially STOPPED GROWING. You know what this means? It means majority (over 90%) who are at the bottom of the scheme are left with empty pockets. You just confirmed that Qnet doesn’t grow dramatically. The fact that it doesn’t grow dramatically means that most members do not yet paid…

Go look at the Qnet presentation on YouTube ( In the presentation The Qnet IRs are trying to convince people that in the worst case scenario each member will recruit two new members every month. So if this business needs to be built up over a long period of time and very gradually as you mentioned, this means that in the Qnet presentation you people are openly lying to the public. But, I’m sure you are not liars… Are you?

So based on the presentation if each member recruits two new people every month, saturation has to occur in less than three years (go do the math and you’ll find out). Yet if it doesn’t happen it means that most members are not getting enough recruits and therefore are not getting commissions. So you see were this is going to. In either case most members are losing their money and are making nothing. The breakdown will always be the same (whether or not saturation is reached)

-Around 80% to 85% will make nothing.
-10% to 15% percent will make less than what they have paid.
-Only around 5% will make more than what they have paid.

This has been mathematically proven and it has occurred in many countries including Iran, Pakistan, Seri Lanka, India….. Please don’t play your same old broken records because they are worthless.

And just like many other commenter’s you compared a pyramid scheme with other businesses which do not have a pyramid structure! (ahhh….I’m getting tired of explaining this!!!)YOU CANNOT COMPARE A PYRAMID SCHEME WITH A BUSINESS WHICH DOES NOT HAVE A PYRAMID STRUCTURE.

1.In a legitimate business you are selling the product to customers. In pyramid schemes you are really selling the business, not the product.
2.If a business fails only the owner suffers a loss. In a pyramid scheme your country also suffers a great loss as currency exits the country.

Read the below article carefully and God bless you.

Anonymous said…

Thanks for all the great information that has PROVEN Qnet or whatever they are called today is a scam …. i just have 1 question, unfortunately a very good friend of mine has already signed up, he obviously tried to recruit me but i am wiser as i have to read up on these things first, and thankfully i have not fallen for Qnet’s trap, however is there any chance (for my friend’s sake) for him to unsubscribe (so to speak) cause i dont want him to be falling for such bull …
Thanks guys for the great articles you really helped me out!
Oh and P.S i only have my name as anonymous as I do not have any of the listed profiles, unlike the PRO Qnet fools!!!!

Anonymous said…

1) My country is not losing money as I get the money in my bank account after the tax deduction. I also get a legal tax document at the end of the year.

2) You are right, a majority of people dont earny money. That is the case with any other business. But the reason for failure is not because company stops paying. Reason is people don’t take the business seriously.

3) The business model is sustainable. You want to check the liquidity model and how it works, please go and figure it out. If you are willing, I can explain it to you. The person who founded this business was financial adviser to UN too.

4) Business is legalized in many countries, including mine. It has been approved by the several government bodies and registered.

5) You know why network marketing business is so defamed. Because there are so many ppl who come and join it as quick rich get scheme .. the opportunists.. not businessmen and fail.. they bad mouth it..


Akshatz said…

Check out this Link… see why ppl fail:

Seth said…

1)My country has lost money as a result of this business. I am Iranian and Qnet has caused the greatest financial crisis in the history of my country. Go do some research on the web and you’ll find out.

2)Maybe you’re right. people fail because they don’t take it seriously. But lets assume everyone does take it seriously, how long could this network grow? AGAIN and AGAIN it is never ending and there will always be a majority (over 90%) who don’t make anything. Up to what point are you going to say that they fail because they don’t take it seriously. Even if everybody takes it seriously still most people will fail because it is a never ending and it could not be sustained forever.

3)I don’t care who founded the business. I have seen with my own eyes that it is not sustainable. I live in a country that has over 1.5 million QNet members and according to official poles less than 5% of them have made more than what they have paid. Now you could go ahead and say that the 95% didn’t take the business seriously. But even if they did take it seriously their underlines would have gotten deprived and the end result would have been exactly the same (i.e. 95% deprived).

4)The business is ILLEGALIZED in many countries including mine (i.e. Iran).

5)People join Qnet to become rich…that’s true. But that’s the plea that was given to them in by the company. So it was the company that brainwashed them otherwise most of them would not have joined.

6)Yes. Of course Qnet will win every case. That’s because it has stronger bargaining power and it is incorporated. A bunch of average people who live in third world countries and can’t even afford a good lawyer wouldn’t be able to win a case against a strong incorporated company. This is not true justice.

QNET IS BANNED IN IRAN. Check out the below sites to see for yourself, and don’t post a comment that could be easily refuted:

Anonymous said…


You must be kidding… In the link, it says banned in India?? It is registered with Government of India. There is an office in India. They have their India TAX ID as well.

The links you have provided are no official links… Anyways.. all the people who know what business is…. please stop answering to the posts here.. coz no matter what you say, it wont make any difference anyways..


Anonymous said…

Only one comment.

Everyone who is rich worked hard for it, there is no get rich quick scheme. Yes people are making money off Qnet, they have to. Any good scam has to let some of its investors make some money in order to gather the largest amount of investors possible before closing down shop and that will definetly happen eventually its only a matter of time. With the current economical crisis and political unrest it has become harder for young people to make a decent income but Qnet is not the answer. It might be a good experience for some of you but dont waste your lives on it. Think of your futures and the future of your countries economy and try to think of the long run. Many of you have very good degrees and could be very profesionally valuable which will be alot better than being a single tracked, money hungry robotic sales person for an obscure company that sells lousy products of zero value to anyone. Its really sad to see my countries youth obsessed by such a ridiculous idea.

Anonymous said…

To follow up on my comment above, if you like Qnets concept why not do it yourself?

Convince two of your friends to buy a rock from you each for 100 LE. Promise them that once they get two of their own friends to buy the rocks from you, you will give each of them 50LE and so on. You wanna make big cash? why not be the source instead of the follower. At least a rock has more value to it than a chi pendant 🙂

But dont say I told u so when u get thrown in jail for operating a scam 🙂

Seth said…

To be honest I don’t know about India, because I don’t live there. I live in Iran and over here Qnet is banned. You could get fined and imprisoned up to 10 years for being an active member here. the Qnet wesite is filtered and all products get confiscated by the government. I know many people who are spending time in prison RIGHT NOW as you read this message becasue they were active members.

And whether or not its banned in other countries thats not my business. all I know is that Qnet harms society and weakens the economy same as it has in my country. Any government is responsible to deal with this kind of Ponzi scheme becasue it has been proven to be corrupt. now if they don’t do it they have to face the consequences as well.

So get off your high horse son OR go find youself a real job. One that requires you to have skills and expertise and doesnt ask you to stalk other people and deprive them for some easy money.

Seth said…

Well, say all you want. You can’t convince me, because I have seen the devastating effects of Qnet with my own eyes. I have seen too many people who have lost their life savings and have even gone bankrupt because of trusting Qnet. But don’t worry. You don’t have to convince me, you have to convince the general public and the people who you are praying on.

I see what you are trying to do. You are making a desperate effort to put in more comments on this page so that the reader would think that this article is a complete piece of crap and that Qnet just the thing to be… If this article really is a piece of crap then why do you even bother posting these comments? What concerns you anyway? After all people possess mental power themselves (at least most of them do!) and they could make their own judgments.

Seth said…

What is an MLM culture? Is it the culture of giving people a far-fetched promise that 99.9999% of them cannot achieve? Is it the culture of encouraging people to make money at the expense of their down-lines? Okay, if this is what it is, then I’m glad we don’t have this culture in my country.

So what do you say we do in my country? Should we promote this mlm culture only to see that currency is leaving our country and our youth are becoming representatives of a foreign company instead of doing something productive for their own country?

Should we allow this network to grow and grow until we see that less than 5% of all participants have profited from it, and the rest are left deprived and dissapointed. Maybe you are right and most legitimate businesses have high failure rates as well, but that doesn’t mean that we should go ahead and promote an mlm scheme which has a GUARANTEED 95% failure rate.

You know what? I’m happy that we don’t have this MLM culture. I would rather see my compatriots do something productive and useful for the future of their own country than to become greedy representatives who prey on other people for some easy money. I would rather see them make average salaries than to see that only 5% of them are making all the money at the expense of the 95% who make nothing.

Once Again, if my opinions are useless and this article is crap, then why on earth do you even bother responding and posting these comments??? What are you trying to prove???Why don’t you spend this time promoting your wonderful business instead of providing counter arguments on this webpage???

And hey, I have nothing against you. I wish you and all your fellow Qnet IRs get rich through Qnet! However, I can’t see how that could happen, because it is mathematically impossible for 95% of you to be profitable in this scheme!!!

Seth said…

Okay, how do you explain this video?

This is the main presentation that Qnet IRs use to persuade people to join Qnet. In this video the Qnet presenter gives people the plea of making $85,000 in just 10 months!!! Do you know what the average annual income is in Iran? Less than $4,000 per year! So, isn’t $85,000 in 10 months is far-fetched plea for an individual who has an annual income of only $4,000? So why is this person joining Qnet? Because he/she needs the product OR because he wants the money? The answer is the second.
I read the disclaimer, It sounds nice. But guess what? People have already been brainwashed before reading that disclaimer so they aren’t thinking of anything other than getting rich ($ signs!) so that disclaimer is worth nothing to them at that point. OKAY OKAY, let’s say everybody reads the disclaimer, do you think that the end result would be any different? HELL NO. There would still be 95% who will not profit from the business because as I explained before, this is an endless scheme and will eventually leave more than 90% of participants with empty pockets.

About the code of ethics, that was drafted in Hong Kong, not in Iran; therefore, it is not enforceable in Iran. So people are not obligated to abide it because QNET and the Iranian government never had an agreement to conduct this kind of business together. Therefore, if people don’t abide it in Iran, the responsibility is on Qnet because it never acquired a permit for conducting business in Iran.

And about the foreign companies…That was the most hilarious thing I’ve ever heard! We do business with many countries and lots of registered foreign companies (just like any other country does). But the whole point is that our country will eventually benefit in some way from this trade. If we see it’s not profitable and it results in damages to the economy and loss to people we avoid it altogether. For example our retailers conduct business with SAMSUNG, now SAMSUNG doesn’t sell us an overpriced product and then tell our retailers to go find two other people to buy the same overpriced product and so on…. We do have direct selling in my country yet we don’t have endless pyramid schemes whether internal or external.

And who says Qnet hasn’t caused problems in other countries? The same story goes in countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Jordan, UAE …I have friends and contacts in many of those countries and they always tell about how devastated their country and economy is from the effects of Qnet.

Just because Qnet hasn’t been banned in some countries doesn’t mean it hasn’t caused any problems. Marijuana, alcohol and prostitution aren’t banned in many countries but that doesn’t mean these things haven’t caused any problems and casualties in those countries.

Seth said…

One more thing.

You really like to talk about Amway so here’s an article by Robert L. FitzPatrick the president of Pyramid scheme Alert, a consumer organization to confront the abuses of pyramid schemes. PLZ read the article and see what it says about Amway and also the 10 most common lies about MLM.

Anonymous said…

Seth …

get yourself a Job….

Lokesh Koli said…

Its my personal experience, I told my friend to buy a Bio Disc , than before he delivered it to me , after seeing reviews in net , I just told him to cancel it. He said in India , there agent has purchased it and it cannot be taken back, so I have to pay money to him. He has given me no receipt for this. And the order can’t be cancelled, how come in online marketing order can’t be cancelled , i don’t know that too with a legal agent from Qnet , i don’t understand that.

Its a huge fraud……

Seth said…

Qnet is scam.

Best Regards

Seth said…

I completely agree with you!!! Qnet is going to keep getting bigger and bigger just as it has in the past 13 years…that’s because, unfortunately there are always idiots and gullible people out there that will fall for this scam. 95% failure rate in Iran,Pakistan,Afganisatan Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Sri Lanka, UAE, etc can’t be a coincidence. The reason is very clear…Qnet is a pyramid scam…No doubt.

And hey, my objective from posting these comments isn’t to overthrow Qnet!!! No!!! Even if I could prevent a SINGLE person from falling prey to this immoral scheme that’s enough for me. And you know what? I have already achieved my objective. Many people who I know (both inside and outside of Iran) have changed their mind and avoided this business after reading this article and doing their own research.

You write your comments/opinions and I will write mine. People will make their own judgement.

Anonymous said…

Its all fake!! the presenter tells you of benefits which are all false. You may buy a product but selling it is not easy at all. Moreover, they claim you can work from home then why was the presenter sitting in a coffee shop with us on a weekend with her children sitting two seats away from us. Do you call this family life? The success percentage by Qnet agent is 0.25% and i bet none of us will do business until we are sure of 70% success. After selling it to maximum two people you can loose control of your own business…….how does that sound??!!
I wont waste mu time and money…….

Seth said…

First off, don’t stereotype!!! I’m sure people in Afghanistan and Pakistan won’t appreciate you taking about them like that. And I think that your company, Qnet, wouldn’t appreciate its agents talking like that about people who live in certain countries.

I wouldn’t care less even if Qnet had offices in every city of every country in the world. I would still stay it is corrupt because this has been proven to me from facts and logic. Qnet once opened an office in Iran too, back in 2005, but it was quickly closed. Even at that time when it had an office in Iran I was still against it.

You have been studying mlm for 3 years? Good for you. I have been studying it for 15 years. I knew the very first Iranian who became a Qnet IR in 1998. His name was Mehrab. He is quite famous in Iran. DO you know how much his earnings were from Qnet(back than Gold Quest)? $20,000(US) per week. He made millions of dollars from QNet. But do you know at what expense? At the expense of depriving HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of people. He created a catastrophe in Iran. Iranian courts are jammed with Qnet complaints. There have even been domestic disputes and murders associated with Qnet. Hundreds of thousands of Iranians never even received their product because the product was seized by the government. So tell me. Why didn’t Qnet reimburse all those people? After all it wasn’t the people’s fault that government banned Qnet.

I was being very optimistic when I said 95% failure rate. The real world failure rate is well over 99%. Again and again, this is a never ending pyramid scheme and it can’t be sustained for ever. Do the math! Keep duplicating the number of new recruits and see where you get to, and if you can’t do it yourself Read this article:

MLM isn’t even a business. It is a scheme designed to take advantage of developing countries. Look at the #1 customers of Qnet: Egypt, SriLanka, Malaysia, Iran, Turkey, Jordan, etc. They are all developing countries. Go read this article to see why developed (first world) nations don’t join Qnet.

Anonymous said…

This is based on a true story:

I was invited by my friend to attend a so called ‘network-business presentation on profit sharing’ few days ago. At the time of the said invitation, I asked my friend a question whether the presentation involves any product selling or advancement of money from my part. It was not an affirmative answer.

I was very curious about it and because of my dearest friend’s invitation, I attended the said presentation at the Qnet’s branch.

Prior to the said presentation, I was introduced to some senior members of Qnet. I was then told to let my mind be ‘blank’… I was shocked to receive such an advice at the first instance. I tried to let my mind ‘blank’… Well I can’t because it wasn’t a meditation class and obviously it is not a suitable place to be ‘blank’!!!

After a short video presentaion, the speaker took almost 1 hour talking about the history and the so called business affiliates of Qnet, for which Im not bothered at all as it is so obviously not gonna help me in any sense. I was very disappointed and I questioned him during his presentation. I was very frank enough. He tried to change the topic.

I can slowly see where he was heading. What I suspected earlier uncovered. He said the following:

  1. To be a member, I have to get a license from Qnet that can be used over 200 country;
    2. How to get them? Is by purchasing their so called ‘products’. (However he made it sound as if it is not a ‘product’ Im confused!!!! No more ‘blank’ mind)
    3. I can get the ‘product’ with very small amount of money. (He did not even reveal the minimum price of their ‘product’);
    4. he introduced me to a profit sharing system called ‘binary system’ and expressly said it is not a ‘pyramid system’ at all. (Im not a blockhead, but trust me, it is a pyramid system);
    5. I have to introduced at least minimum of 2-3 members for once. He said a mere introduction is suffice…(he did not talk about any qualification of new members).
    6. Finally, he end his speech by telling that we may refer to any of questions or querry to the person who introduced us to Qnet….(He did not give me any option to clear my doubts. Errrr….What the hell!!!! He escaped).

The best part was after the presentaion.
There were many questions on head that I need clarification.

Since my friend who introduced me to Qnet was only a month old with Qnet, I chose to clear my doubts with the senior member who present at the said hall. I asked the following question:

  1. What is the minimum price of the product that is available to enable me to obtain the license.
    Answer: it is half of my monthly salary. (It was a heart attack. Fine!)
    2. Whether a mere introduction of a new member suffice?
    Answer: A big ‘No’. they also must purchase the ‘product’, he siad.

The senior member then introduced me to their best selling product. He then told me, apart from paying for the said product, I have to also pay a registration fee and delivery fee…. For instance, Im dumbfound.

I was then asked to be their member. I told told them I need a couple of months to save some money to purchase their product, as I have other commitments at the material time. With no respect to my stance,
He then forced me to make up my mind immediately. After a long confrontation, he gave me time to think till tmrw…. he even suggested me to borrow money from others or to go to a pawn shop to get a loan by mortgaging my jewelleris and naming his suggestion as ‘option’…

I was very dissapointed and end the conversation imdtly.

After reaching home and upon reading this article and comments from other fellow learned friends, I have decided that Im not going to pay a heed to Qnet and their scams.

Anyway AMWAY is way better then Qnet, Although Im not convinced with AMWAY’s business plan, but I do enjoy their product from their fruit cakes to their cosmetics with affordable price.

Hamza said…

Yah yah…A company that has scammed millions of people obviously has enough money to partner up with other firms and to organize events like that.

What you Qnet reps don’t understand is the price that innocent deprived people pay for these events to be held. You don’t understand that for every commission that you recieve, you deprive at least 6 to 10 people.

Go to your fun events, but don’t even bother thinking about the shit you’ve caused by depriving over 96% of your downlines. Hey who cares for them anyway? what is important is that you(i.e. the lucky 4% on top of the scheme) make money. Screw the rest…

Anonymous said…

Hi , I think people are smart enough to decide wat they want to do.I would just like to bring 1 thing to everyone’s notice.see above that all people for qnet are registered as anonymous..and all people againstit have their names out here. U might think I myself am posting this as anonymous b’oz I don’t want to waste my time on a fraud company like this

Facebook said…

Dear last anonymous, Please read this material quoted from the “Anti-Qnet-Egyptians” Facebook page:

“Qnet has claimed “as always” that they make a big favor to the tourism sector in Egypt and that’s why Qnet has made “special” offers in hotels in Egypt to attract tourism and at the same time for domestic tourism….they have made a deal with the Mövenpick hotels and when you check Qnet offer “Q-breaks 5D/4N Cairo Expedition at Mövenpick ” costs 730 USD without any meals!!!!!

Now I checked the webpage for Mövenpick and 1 night equals 100 USD with breakfast so for 4Nights=400 USD

Now to analyze that…there is about 330 $ (Not to mention that Qnet packages include no breakfast) that is gone to QNET without any reason …

1- There will never be any smart tourist who is stupid enough to buy your package when it’s that expensive!!
2- I don’t believe that for us as Egyptians are less smart than tourists to buy Qnet vacation offers!!!

If I’m gonna buy any vacation offer i would do it through EGYPTIAN travel agency coz that’s h really benefit the tourism because I will pay the real rates to Egyptian company and also I would save my money!!

Same thing happens when you compare Qnet rates in Thailand, they are higher than what the hotels gives to ordinary tourists. Not to mention that the time share packages require that you pay two years in advance and you need to give them 45 days’ notice to find availability in your chosen resort.”

I think this clearly explains that Qnet’s vacation packages aren’t that different from Qnet products. They are both overpriced and don’t have any market value. So please, stop being so arrogant.

Ebi said…

This article explains everything about Qnet, and how all Qnet products and services are overpriced (Including the vacation packages!). Please check it out:

Ebi said…

Well that is rarely the case becasue Qnet IR’s don’t promote the product, they sell the business! Read the article more carefully:

Anonymous said…

Lol…all this is sooo funny because had I read this before joining Qnet last year, I would have joined. That would have been my biggest mistake. Like everybody else, I had to invest USD 600 on a product.I even had to take a loan probably because I saw the potential. All I can say is, you can choose not to join and complain and whine about the company, but at the end of the day, people are making money as you are busy critisizing and analysing. I made my money back, and have made so much more together with my friends. No one forced me to join..joined out of my own free will and so did my friends, so if I was being was willingly. But as far as I am concerned,it was the best decision I ever made!

Ebi said…

Mr/Mrs Anonymous, You’re mising the whole point here. Yah you made money. But at what expense? You say people are making money out of Qnet! But you are over-genralizing becasue less than 5% of participants come out profitable (you turned out to be in that group.)

I am not wining or complaining at all. I am giving a warning to the 95% who get deprived by people such as yourself. The purpose of this article is to warn the 95% who will eventually loose their money and The fact that you were able to make some easy money doesn’t change anything.

Anonymous said…

I read almost all the comments and all i can see its just mispresented . Why should you find an excuse as this ? I heard that you all have training right ? I mean its such a huge company sure they will give professional training like other network marketing such as M way etc . So mispresented is not and excuse . It is how it is .

In another logic way then this writer , most of the qnet are teenagers . Why ? Cause all of you need easy money . So easily you fell for it . In a correct way , you should find 3 person at your right and another 3 person on your left only you get (225 USD) in addition , its the most cheapest salary when you hired a person to work very hard for you . You help the company earn about Rm10,500 and the company only give you Around Rm650 ?

In Msia you got to buy things at least rm1500 to enter this business plan for whole life . But is it easy for you to find right 3 person and left 3 person ? no its not . You put so much effort and all you get is a 225 USD .

In Msia becoming a promoter for a day minimum is rm80 and maximum that i can find now is rm120 + commision . and only work for 8 hours at friday and saturday . And cumalative you should earn about minimum of Rm700 . Learn things more that you show plan and stuff .

So think again if you really want to earn some money jz have to twist your mind juice abit and im sure you will earn more the qnet give you . Because you start your own business and you are the boss and boss earn the most . And sure like all people say you need some money to start a business . Well you can pay Qnet for rm1.5k why not start an internet business buy selling phones covers and stuff like that . Its not hard and not time consuming compare with qnet .

I know this because i did it .

Ebi said…

Oh anonymous, you have just been freaking brainwashed. The only reason you are supporting Qnet is that you have already invested in it, otherwise you would be more tempted to open your eyes to the reality. Here is my rejoinder to your un-thoughtful and illogical comments:

1.I have experience with Qnet. I am Iranian. I purchased a product eight years ago. But Qnet was banned in my country so my product was seized and I lost all my money (Over $1000). So I could tell you that I am well experienced in this field.

2.You say people fail in school, other businesses, etc. That’s true. But is there a PYRAMID structure involved in school and other legitimate businesses. Does a student have to go recruit other students as under-lines in order to earn marks?!???????????? The answer is no. This argument is commonly used by Qnet supporters but it’s just as absurd as all the other things you people claim. lol, You are comparing your absurd business with Thomas Edison’s work…… Thomas Edison did what you Qnet supporters don’t do. He used logic and relied on his own hard work and effort to become successful, as opposed to relying on gullible fools to make easy money for him.

3.Finally, if complaining on this webpage would get their money back, I’m sure that millions of people who have been duped by Qnet would have posted comments and complaints on this page. But how could these comments get any ones money back?

Thank you for the feedback Mr anonymous.

Reader98765324 said…

Thank you for the clear and solid article.
I was already skeptical from listening to the agent and their claims but I didn’t know exactly how to prove my point that the whole QNET thing is fishy business.

God bless you, this article enlightened me.

Anonymous said…

Anyone who wants to build Egypt for the future of their children should not let hard currency leave their country. We cannot afford to let our hard earned dollars leave our country when Egypt is in need of builders.

Ebi said…


I must admit, Qnet and its agents did an excellent job in brainwashing you!!! Listen buddy, Have you even been to Iran? Those ‘some people’ who you say are doing good in this business are a minority consisting of less than 4% of all IR’s. I have been researching Qnet for over 8 years and I could tell you from every 1000 people who join the system, roughly 25 to 50 of them come out profitable.

You need to stop being so arrogant, because the BS that Qnet and its IR’s claim are just to clear their name in the face of the public and to give them an excuse for expanding their immoral business. You are not the first one I am hearing these statements from. You have all been brainwashed by the same company using the same false ideologies.

You are aware of Qnet being banned in Iran!!! Did you ever ask yourself why? So based on your allegations QNet is similar to other organization (which have CEO’s, deputies, Managers, supervisors, etc). SO why aren’t those organizations banned in Iran?


FIRST, as appose to am MLM scheme, in an organization (e.g. Microsoft, Kodak , Home depot)there is no upfront fee required, meaning that you don’t have to pay for an overpriced product in order to get a job as a CEO, accountant or a janitor. You get selected based on your education, expertise and qualifications. A person who is on the upper level of a MLM pyramid scheme does not need to have any expertise or qualifications at all. He just introduces two people to the system and the rest of the job is done by the under-hands. So no tedious task is delegated to this person. He just sits and makes money at expense of his deprived under-hands.

SECOND, in an organization eventually everyone does get paid. The salary rates vary based on the rank of the individual (obviously). So whether the person is a janitor or a manager they both still have a fixed rate and nobody, regardless of rank and position, gets deprived as a result of entering the organization; however, in MLM schemes, only the people on top of the scheme get paid and the majority who are the bottom make absolutely nothing ($0!). There is a huge difference between “having a lower salary” and “making absolutely no money (Or less than what you have paid)”.

THIRD, in an organization, people don’t get paid based on the timeframe that they enter the organization. For example, a newly hired CEO definitely has a higher salary than a janitor who has 20 years working experience. This is not the case in MLM schemes. Those who enter the scheme earlier always make more money than those who enter at lower levels of the pyramid, regardless of their level of education and other competencies. In fact, in the QNET presentation people are constantly reminded that “the more you wait, the more you will lose”. You don’t believe me? Go to watch this video (at 4:40 min)

In the video the presenter clearly states: “the more you wait, the more you lose”.

So you see Mr. anonymous, it’s not good to be arrogant. It is obvious that you have fallen for dogma and the nonsense that is fed to people such as you. You continue making your easy money, and I will continue raising awareness to those who get deprived by people like you in your quest for making this easy money.

Anonymous said…

read this link

Ebi said…

Mr Anonymous,

You are probably sincere about what you are stating. but I assure you that your statements are completely flawed and based on mistaken ideologies.

First of all, you state: “If Qnet was easy money everyone would make easy money”!!!! LMAO. The whole idea behind “easy money” is that only a minority could earn it, and they earn it at the expense of the majority who lose their money. If everybody could earn easy money it wouldn’t be called easy money anymore (It would probably be called communist money!).

Second, you state that “The people on top cannot earn if the people in bottom are not earning”. This is another false statement. The person on top doesn’t need all of his under-hands to work. Even if 5% to 20% of under-lines work that would be enough for him to earn alot of money. In fact it is mathematically impossible for all under-lines to recruit more members because sooner or later the market will be saturated, and hundreds of thousands of IR’s will be competing with each other for the same small pool of potential recruits. The odds of them making their money back is worse than roulette in Vegas.

Third, you state: “you are not in top”. This statement is COMPLETELY false. If you weren’t on top you wouldn’t be earning anything, because over 90% are always in the bottom of the pyramid and less than 10% are on the top. You obviously don’t know how a pyramid scheme operates. Pyramid schemes do not consist of only one pyramid. They consist of many pyramids that are embedded within the larger pyramid. So you might not be at the absolute top of the pyramid but you are at the top of one of the embedded pyramids. Many pyramids (within Qnet) had collapsed before you joined Qnet leaving over 96% of members deprived. Qnet repeats this invasion in different regions, cities and towns. So you are definitely on top (i.e. top 5%) of one of the pyramids in the town, region or maybe even the neighbourhood in which you reside.

Fourth, you state “The people you introduced always come back and say ‘thank you’”. Well this is pretty silly, because I could assure you that over 90% of your down-lines are not thankful to you at all because they have been suckered by a pyramid scheme and you are the reason why. Your direct referrals may have made some money but at least 96% of your down-lines have not made a penny because it is mathematically impossible for them to earn money. A pyramid scheme cannot be sustained forever.

Fifth, you state: “You (me) could only save people $600 which cannot change their lives”. $600 is not little money in countries such as Pakistan, SriLanka, Iran, Indonesia, and other low income countries where incomes are generally low. But even assuming that $600 is not a lot of money, no IDIOT would give away that amount if he/she knows that he has a 96% chance of losing it.

Please note that the massive success mentioned by the anonymous commenter is just a 4% chance of being successful in this kind of business. If anyone wants to learn about the manipulative methods used by QNet IR’s for attracting new members with 96% failure rate (which is never mentioned to you in the Qnet presentation) please refer to the below webpage.

Also, to learn about the most common lies about pyramid schemes (which are also never mentioned to you in the Qnet presentation) refer to the below website by the pyramid scheme alert foundation.

Ebi said…

Mr. Anonymous,

You obviously don’t know how a pyramid scheme operates (Or maybe you do know and you’re just playing dumb!). The reason that you are not in the 1st 6 million to join and still earning is that many pyramids had collapsed before you joined Qnet. In other words, Qnet does not consist of only one big pyramid; rather it consists of many smaller pyramids embedded within the greater pyramids. Qnet repeats the invasion in different countries, cities, and regions. SO, while you are not on the absolute top, you are on top of the pyramid in the city, region, or even the neighborhood in which you reside. OTHERWISE YOU WOULDN”T BE EARNING ANYTHING.

Secondly, you state that “people come back to you and say thank you”. Well that’s pretty silly, because over 90% of your down-lines are not thankful to you at all because they have lost their money and you are the reason why.

Third, $600 is not small money in low income countries such as Pakistan, Egypt, SriLanka, Indonesia, Iran, etc. and people have to save their money for a long time in order to build up that amount of money. But even assuming that it isn’t a lot of money, NO IDIOT would give away that amount if he/she knew that there is a 96% chance of losing it. So Qnet is definitely accountable for misrepresenting the business to all these people.

Please note that the massive success mentioned by the anonymous commenter is only a 4% chance of being successful in this kind of business. If anyone want to learn about the manipulative methods used by Qnet to recruit more people to join with a 96% failure rate (which is never mentioned to you in the Qnet presentation), please read this article by a former Qnet representative.

Also to learn about the most common lies told to you by Qnet representatives refer to the below webpage:

Ebi said…

Loice from Kenya,

You state “I would be better off economically if I researched the benefits of Qnet”. How could I be better off when Qnet was banned in my country exactly 8 years ago???? I wouldn’t be better off, I would be in prison along with many other active Qnet networkers who were put behind bars. In case you don’t know Qnet is banned in my country and there is prison penalty for active members. You are a big proponent of research so why don’t you do some research on my country to see for yourself that Qnet is banned here. Qnet is also banned in Sri Lanka. Coincidence??? I don’t think so.

For your information Mr. Loice, Kenya: I did become a member of Qnet 8 years ago. But I lost my money ($1500 US), I did not get reimbursed, nor did I receive my product. Same has happened to thousands in my country.

To those who inquired about my ambitions for researching Qnet and posting these comments:
What difference does it make who I am and what my ambition is. If you could refute this article using facts and logic go ahead and do so. If not just shut your mouth and don’t bark.

AMEbi said…


BTW, you should perhaps consider running for president due to your bold solutions. LMAO, so your solution for high unemployment is joining pyramid schemes?!!?!!? Oh man, with people like you and that kind of mind set development really is a great struggle…



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