Cheick Cisse

A recent addition to the long list of the infamous Qnet brand ambassadors. Once again, another famous nameĀ  and another way to get to fans of famous people from different backgrounds. It is shocking to see an Olympic Champion so excited and feeling so proud to be a part of company which has done no Read more

Muttiah Muralitharan

A cricketer so famous and popular, who has fans world over is also proudly promoting and endorsing the biggest MLM scam. He has been endorsing products sold by Qnet which further lures IR's into selling them. He is directly/indirectly himself is fooling his own fans who love him and his game. Shamef Read more

V. Rajasekharan

The man behind Qnet's pathetic and ridiculous legal defence. The one who has the audacity and conscience to defend the biggest MLM scam ever and try to protect most wanted men who have fooled millions of innocent people across the globe. Responsible for identifying loopholes on how to evade the law, Read more


Shocking to see someone as famous and influential as him to use his fame and power to fool millions of people by being a part of this fraudulent community. He shares a very special relationship with Pathman SenathiRajah - the CEO of Qnet. They have been spotted having a blast at various occasions. H Read more

Boman Irani

Another popular actor from Bollywood, another celebrity promoting Qnet, using his fan following to lure people to associate with one of the biggest frauds. He along with his son have invested in Qnet, made millions and have played a key role in defrauding thousands of Indians. Read more

Anil Kapoor

One of the leading names in Bollywood, chooses to associate with these scamsters and be a part of Qnet. He regularly attends the VCON hosted every year and actively participates in all QNET's activities and feels proud to promote one of the biggest scams of his country. Read more