Got most of the money back, but lost 20K as handling charges
June 11, 2018

My wife paid 3L to QNet. I was not aware of it and when I came to know about it, I asked her to request for refund. Initially QNet refused saying that the cancellation period is over. Then I met the people who sold QNet to my wife (the typical show off characters coming in audi) in CCD. The person who sold was working in an major iT company (where my wife was working). I clearly told them 2 things.
1. I will give a police complaint to higher officials.
2. I will immediately give a complaint to the IT company where he is working as he was using company forum to lure people. It is clearly against the company policy and he will definitely loose the job.
They refunded 2.8 L. 20 K we lost.

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