Requesting to Refund my Money from Qnet
June 26, 2018

I had invested in Qnet after invested and evrything i came across to know i will earn money only i can bring peoples in this business or else i will not get money,i dont want to make fool the peoples who had kept trust on me So, i demand to Qnet please return my money back i didnt used the Holiday package product since i bought six months back ,i will return my product please refund my money.
It is not small amount it is my entire one year salary i frustrated for paying emis and all.

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  1. This bullshit business ever on planets. company Moto is inviting people in the business and do business unethical by promoting IRs. My friend
    Introduced me the Qnet. firstly they have not even told me the company name.they told me that you have to sell product on our website like
    Amazon , Flipkart etc.its a online E-commerce business. They asked me to deposit 50000 for each unit ; you have to start by minimum 3 units .
    And etc so 2.65 lack will be your total investment.i have done that investment ; after that I received Email for holiday package ; I asked my friend and other Uplines they said , it’s
    Complimentary trip for you and your wife . I’ve asked twice or thrice but answer was between they given opportunity for maleshiya Vcon. booking for everything was already done
    In that 2.65 lack at beginning on first day only.
    I googled company name.their was so many negativity . I used to keep asking them about Qnet bad reviews but they were given fool answers.
    At maleshiya nonsense brainwashed.i again fooled by them I invested 1 lack rupees for my wife to introduce I gave cheque to my friend.
    After back to India .they called me for association.i had told to do phone calls to introduce my friend ,reletive and given script for that.i recognize that it’s business is making fool because same script they have made to me sign up…
    Next day I asked for help for refund. simply
    They was not one month yet. Again I
    Googled for refund ; and I applied for refund
    Both My and my wife’s. I could refund my money
    Which I given DD for Vihaan direct selling but my
    Wife I could not yet. for my wife investment they made fake Email ID .. by using that they
    Could get perchance receipt… except that I have nothing for this investment…no any Emails by company…I went to police station with all my documents.. but it’s around 6 month FIR is not filled.