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Harsh Kumbhare

Harsh Kumbhare

working TATA motors chinchwad pune

He is too innocent to cheat anyone , see his innocent face .he cheated 125000 to me .very soon he is going behind bar. he is working TATA MOTORS CHINCHWAD .

He become fool and now he is trying to become friends or relatives (this statement is high court mumbai),but i understand and not totrap my near and dearones .

God punishment now he is begger not able to survive(arrange food) his family too ,heavy loans ,creditcard ,personal finance from sahukar(10% per month interest). last week he got slap from one sahukar not to pay interest on time

“Qnet is a chain where a person is fooled and then he is trained to fool others to earn money” says Bombay High Court. An 'IR' is a person who has enrolled in QNET's Pyramid scheme by selling products and referring others to become an IR. An IR could be your relative or friend who could (mis)use your trust to convince you to 'invest' in this MLM scam.

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